mandag 25. august 2014

Condor & Töxik Death

Collaboration between me and Alida Berle on drawing the album covers for the split "Victims of Burning Death", by the norwegian thrash metal bands Condor and Töxik Death.

Original drawings are 32x41 cm, ink on paper, 2014.

tirsdag 11. februar 2014

Pluss Pluss

"Solve Coagula Nr.1" & "Solve Coagula Nr.2" 
at the group exhibition Pluss Pluss ++ 10. December  at Black Box Teater, Oslo, 2013.
Other who participated with art, performance and live music was: 
Esben S. Titland, Espen Friberg, Ann Kristin Olsen, Tine Gunvaldsen, Mio Oribe Ueno Stuberg, Particular Facts, Kirsten Astrup, Livekritikk: Gaute Brochman, Eirik Willyson, SUN SUX, Alexander Fallo , Kjersti Aas Stenby

mandag 18. november 2013

When Listening To Black Metal Every Day

Pictures from my exhibition
 Å Høyra På Svart Metal Kvar Dag / When Listening To Black Metal Every Day.
Opening was on 7.11.13 and it ended 9.11.13

"Not Unlike the Waves"
Loom weaving: Different Black Metal t-shirts

"Aura Noir"
Hand knitted patchwork quilt

"Solve Coagula Nr.1"
Metal t-shirt blanket, sewed together by hand, 2x3 meters


"Solve Coagula Nr.2"
Metal t-shirts sewed together by hand, ca 3x2 m

"Watain" "Darkthrone" "Urfaust"
Drawing on paper A3

lørdag 16. november 2013

Watain - Darkthrone - Urfaust

Linda K Røed 2013
"Watain" 32x41 cm

Linda K Røed 2013
"Watain" 32x41 cm 

Linda K Røed 2013
"Watain" 32x41 cm

From the exhibition "When Listening To Black Metal Every Day" 2013

tirsdag 24. september 2013